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Penny’s Concrete has consistently provided our customers with high-quality concrete products. Bill and Marlene Penny started “Penny’s Concrete” in 1976 building their first plant in Lawrence, Kansas. The second plant was not built until 1985 in Shawnee, Kansas. Bill and Marlene still own and operate Penny’s Concrete.

The Penny’s have 27 plants in 23 locations in Central and Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri, including the Kansas City area. Penny’s Aggregates also has sand and rock products available at various locations. If you need a dependable source of quality ready mix concrete and aggregate products, call Penny’s. We appreciate your business.

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We have developed this site for you to provide information about our products and services, history and locations. We look forward to working with you.

Office Phone: 913-441-8781 (local)
800-524-6474 (toll-free)

General Office Fax:


Credit Department Fax:



913-441-4197 (local)
800-322-9710 (toll-free)

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Penny's Concrete, Inc.
23400 W. 82nd Street, Shawnee Mission, KS 66227-2705

Local Phone: 913-441-8781
Toll-free Phone: 800-524-6474
General Office Fax: 913-441-1830
Credit Department Fax: 913-441-0956

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